Film: Berberian Sound Studio

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On January 17, 2013
Last modified:January 17, 2013


Despite a promising premise, a disappointing horror flick


A retro horror film, reminiscent of Hammer films from the 70’s, although this plays it’s homage to Italian, rather than English, horror from that period.

Set in a sound studio, specialising in making soundtracks for Italian horror flicks, the film follows  the arrival of a new sound engineer from England, played by Toby Jones, who, not long after his arrival, begins to notice that things are not quite what they seem.

Toby Jones, who can normally be counted on to put in a decent performance, is in fact, the only half way decent thing about this film, which I was expecting alot more from.  There is very little suspense, or enough to keep me watching to the end.  I had to give it three tries before I made it through to the end.

Perhaps the most entertaining aspect were the re-creation of sound effects – so if you’re curious  what a ‘dangerously aroused’ goblin sounded like or having a red hot poker inserted into the vagina of a witch, then look no further

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