Film: Argo

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Review of: Argo

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On January 10, 2013
Last modified:January 13, 2013


Gripping, thriller. Recommended



“It’s the best bad idea we’ve got”

Ben Affleck in winning form in this true story of the CIA using unusual means to extract American captives from post revolutionary Iran. The film is wonderfully paced, ratcheting up the suspense, but also injecting humour along the way, particularly from John Goodman, as the ebullient Hollywood producer. The film skillfully blends archive footage with contemporary action.

As someone who remembers the news reports in the late 70’s of the  revolution and the emergence of an Islamist State under the enigmatic Ayatollah Khomeini, I was hooked on this from the bringing frame to the end credits.

Favourite quote:

John Chambers: So you want to come to Hollywood and and act like a big shot without actually doing anything?

Tony Mendez: Yeah

John Chambers: You’ll fit right in.


My film of 2012, no question.  More great quotes and dialogue from Rotten Tomatoes here

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