Film: The Hunt (2012)

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Review of: The Hunt (2012)

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On March 16, 2013
Last modified:March 17, 2013


Exceptional film from Denmark, with some fine acting. Highly recommended

The Hunt, one of the best films to come our of Denmark in the last decade


The Hunt is a harrowing but compelling watch.  The story of a forty year old teacher, Lucas is re-building his life after an acrimonious divorce. Popular at school, seemingly a natural with his young charges, and in the first flush of a romance with a pretty fellow worker, his world is turned upside down by an almost casual accusation by Klara, a young girl at the school, and the daughter of his best friend.

The film documents Lucas’s gradual descent into a living hell, dis-owned by everyone in a small close knit rural community, and a child trapped by her own lies, and her by her family’s un-shaking willingness to believe her.

Gripping, and well acted, particularly by Mads Mikkelson, who is exceptional as the wrongly accused Lucas, betrayed, angry, but sill fighting to perserve his dignity.  This is a taut, well paced drama, a nightmare set amongst the beauty of the Danish countryside.

Mads Mikkelson

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