Music: New Order – Lost Sirens released, band antipathy continues…

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On January 29, 2013
Last modified:January 29, 2013


For New Order completists only


An album of New Order tracks that never made it to their last, and worst album (Waiting for the Sirens Call), Lost Sirens was never going to be a classic release.

Only a couple of tracks, “I’ll stay with you” being one, manage to lift their heads against the mediocrity.

These are likely to be the last tracks from the original line up as, what were once the coolest band in the world, have now descended into public acrimony, and Lost Siren’s is a very ragged  Last Post, and a mere echo of former glories.

Here’s a recent interview from Bernard Sumner, (full interview from here) which give a flavour on how bad things are now –

When I spoke with Peter Hook last year, he said, “The things that Bernard and I are arguing about are absolutely fucking pathetic, and I’m hoping that some grown-up will come in the schoolyard and stop it.”

It’s not true. That’s not the case. That’s his way of painting over it. What were the things we were arguing about? They weren’t pathetic.

One thing that he said was that he felt you were ultimately reuniting as New Order for money.

[laughs] OK, there’s one of the things: hypocrisy. We gave all the money to Michael, so the first gigs were for charity.

Update, just to show how childish this has all become, Hooky responded to the spinner review in an interview with Billboard which you can read here.  Favourite quote –

….. They are as much New Order as I am Joy Division. In a funny way, now that I’m New Order, they are as much New Order as I am New Order”

Make sense? Not really, but in the mad and fractious world of New Order, nothing does anymore


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