Music: Pet Shop Boys at Singapore F1

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One of the best things about the way Singapore does the F1, is the supporting entertainment , arranged at locations around the track.

This year it’s Robbie Williams who takes the headline spot at the post race Padang, but I’m far more interested in finally getting to see the Pet Shop Boys.  I say finally, as they are one of the few acts that I was really into during the `80’s that I’ve never seen.  Somehow I managed to miss them the last time they played in Singapore, in 2013.

Playing at the relatively bijoux “Village Stage” allows fans to get up super close to them.  As the final light drains from the Singaporean sky, a cloud of dry ice,  the familiar silhouettes of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe take shape, just about recognisable despite the outlandish vinyl hedgehog outfits they are sporting.

After being around so long, PSB are consummate performers and know who to put on a hugely entertaining show to showcase their impressive roster of barn storming hits, with a couple of lesser known tracks thrown in.  So we get mega hits like “West End Boys” , “Rent” “Suburbia” and “Go West” along with more reflective  tracks “I Get Excited, You Get Excited Too”, and “I wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind of Thing” all served up with a big dose of showmanship.  Last years return to form album “Electric” gets some worthy air time too, including “Axis”, and the excellent “Vocal”.

Two or more dancers accompany most of the tracks, bringing plenty of energy and movement contrasting with the more static figures of Tennant and Lowe, along with numerous costume changes.  Shame it was only an truncated show, I could have happily spent double their allocated hour in their company.



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