Music: Suede “Bloodsports”. A magnificent return to form

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On April 1, 2013
Last modified:April 1, 2013


A return to form, and a reminder of just how great they can be

New album from Suede - Bloodsports

Suede, seemingly against the prevailing forces of rock  wisdom, after a ten year gap, have managed to come up with a great return to form.

Bloodsports not only captures the essence of their greatest songs, but in many cases surpasses them.

The first six songs are perhaps the strongest they’ve ever recorded, and capture the essence of the prime time 90’s era Suede,  lyrics exploring alienation, sex, love lost and found, all wrapped in chiming guitars and icy glamour.  It tails off towards the end, with one too many ballads, but “Barriers”, “Snowblind” and “It Starts and Ends with You” stand up easily to the best of their Brit pop output

Highly recommended




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