My photography in The Times yesterday

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My Burma portrait won this weeks competition and so got printed on Page 3 of The Travel section in The Times yesterday.  Pretty big too.  Looks great.  Quite chuffed – my first photo in a big National publication.  The Times photo editor added this…

Lou Siroy, Travel Picture Editor "A portrait like this is difficult to pull off as its success depends on a balance of confidence between the sitter and photographer — and the rapport between both is evident here. The girl’s candid face stopped us in our tracks. The tight crop makes it intimate, yet the colours give it a keen flavour of the country. The photographer has meticulously pre-visualised his image and the subject is fully aware of being exposed".

The Times

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    Dear Matt
    Hi ! How are you ? I just got back from Bangkok so I went to your sisters house for cooking and ate together
    with Like and your sister.  Congratulations !!!  You won weeks competition so I  watch your photos some time
    so I like your Ayurtaya night photos.
    I hope to see you soon

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