Travel: Rome on a Vespa with Scooteroma

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Rome on a Vespa

If you’ve ever been to Rome, you’ll know that as well as being the Eternal City, full of amazing classical buildings and history at every turn, it can also be a pretty frantic place, with tourists swarming almost every major attraction.  Visiting a new City, it can also be difficult to discover the secret neighbourhoods, views and restaurants that the locals frequent, and escape the more obvious hotspots.

For the perfect antidote to this, we discovered these guys – Scooteroma – who offer tours of Rome on a Vespa.  And what better way to see this magnificent Italian city than riding something that also plays a small part in it’s essential character.   It’s also easy.  Rock up at the scooter rental shop, select a suitable Italian steed from those on offer, agree with Gionvanni our guide, a rough course of action, and off you go.  We chose to ride our own Vespa, but for those who are less confident at riding, or are just a bit nervous riding in a new City, there is also the option to ride pillion.

Having a guide to follow, and negotiate the traffic and junctions makes riding around the city a breeze, we had no problems at all riding ourselves, and keeping a close tail on Giovanni.  The side of Rome you get to see is alot different than all the usual tourist guide spots.  Hidden back strrets, amazing hilltop views, visits to Gioavanni’s preferred Gelato shops, all with regular stops to get the low down on Rome’s fascinating history.  It was a highlight of our trip, and we highly recommend it

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