Travel: Weekend break in Taiwan

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We recently spent 3 days in Taiwan, mainly Taipei.  It’s another place that’s been on the must visit list for ages, but there is so much to see in Asia that we’ve only just got round to doing it.  From Singapore it’s a pretty easy direct flight, and from HK it’s a mere 2 hours.  Watch our video (below) for highlights and recommendations

Taipei is a medium sized 2m population city, and it feels delightfully small, especially after the mega cities of HK, Bangkok and other major Asia capitals.  It’s also super clean, and easy to get around, thanks to a modern and extensive underground. We did a couple of days sight seeing, and wandering around temples (Longshan was probably the most memorable, with the entire temple joined in chanting and incantations), shopping and generally soaking up the vibe – a mix of Japanese and Chinese influences.  One thing we would have dropped if we were doing the trip again was going to the top of the iconic 101 building  – long queues, and by the time we got to the top it was already dark. 

Undoubtably though the highlight for us for us was the food in the night markets, especially  Shilin, which sprawls over a large area, and contains an abundance of food – bbq’d squid, stinky tofu, local craft beers, fresh crab, local battered chicken, and 1000’s of other dishes – go with an empty stomach to make the most of it. 

We also managed to cram in a day out of the city, and despite it being sunny and a public holiday, we had an enjoyable time visiting Yeh Liu Geology park, Shifen, Jiufen, Jinguashi and the Ying Yang sea (see the video towards the end for a sense of what’s on offer)

Weekend in Taiwan - video highlights

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